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Author: Kelly Ye

April Online Classes

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Spring Virtual Concert Submission

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January Free Online Classes

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Christmas Online Music Concert

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The use of social media/internet through the COVID-19 pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have been truly shifted towards the internet. Through a large amount of quarantine across the world, we have discovered various ways of changing our daily activities online: Remote learning, working from home, and connecting with friends and family through the use of social media instead of physical interactions… The…
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Summer Free Online Education

Our goals are to support young students (elementary) and introduce some fun courses before the start of a new semester, to create short, interactive classes to appeal to a younger age group, who have a shorter attention span, and to further support returning to school students with their studies.   Monday: Arts –        Grade 1-2:…
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2020 Food Donation

2020 Charity Performance

Photographer: Kelly Ye

2019 Charity Performance

  Photographer: Kelly Ye

2018 Charity Performance

Photographer: Kelly Ye