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Film Production

Film Making

At FFA, we strive to create an environment in which students can express their interest freely. We proudly introduce Fair For All Productions, our new student lead film team.

Who Are Welcomed?

We are looking for any aspiring filmmaker with any experiences to thrive together with FFA Productions. This is both an industry learning opportunity for the members and a way to gain experience as well. As the program fills up, the ones who have a heavier background and passion will be admitted. You may receive an email asking for portfolio levels of technicalities that are needed. All applications are welcome. 

What We Do

FFA Productions will collectively brainstorm original ideas, accumulate them and form a professional screenplay, conceptualize actors, scenery and specialized technicalities, execute the plan, and, lastly, work on post-production processes. No equipment is needed for entry, but, some programs such as Da Vinci Resolve or Premiere Pro will be recommended.

Why Join Us?

FFA Productions seek to bring together a closer bond of passionate filmmakers in our community. The short films created will not only be great for building portfolios but also may bring awareness to topics and subjects which are most serious and vulnerable. There will be a mixture of fun creative projects as well as ones that address serious topics.

Meet the creator


Steven Wen

Meet Steven Wen, a grade 10 student who has a passion for film. He started creating films as a hobby, and now wants people who have similar interests to join him to spread the joy of filmography to the community.


We believe that students should pursue their interests freely. At Fair For All, we strive to be able to provide for that platform.

Our production wants to use film as a medium to bring awareness to certain topics to the community as well as bring joy to the people around us.

Covid-19 Protocols

As many are worried about the record cases recorded everyday, we will most definitely follow all the guidelines provided by the government. There are many things to be done without meeting up. During the online sessions, we will hold in the absence of in-person meetings, we will be studying other films and plan for our own projects. The studying will enhance the production quality and speeds, while our planning will smoothen up production with less worrying and better experiences and results.

If you hav any further question, we love to hear from you!

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