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How COVID19 Impacted the Entertainment Industry 

How COVID19 Impacted the Entertainment Industry 

The multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry always has successfully captured hours of attention from individuals at a time, bringing in huge margins of profit from a wide arrangement of media. The COVID19 virus, impacting a variety of businesses, transformed the entertainment industry both positively and negatively with some major projects being cancelled and others beginning.




UK camera-man operates a video camera while wearing a mask during the pandemic.



Many talks shows which traditionally premiered on live sets had to be cancelled and set back due to the characteristic of the virus is so easily transmitted. Shows like Jimmy Kimmel and the Tonight Show have transformed to a “home host” and “home interview” type where the host and interviewee live streams from their own residential areas. This change isn’t evident only in the entertainment industry as other businesses also transformed meetings and lectures to the same idea. Larger shows, like CBC news, already had built a large audience on secondary “re-upload” sites like youtube, so growing the viewers won’t be as hard as lesser-known shows which depend on television to broadcast programs. 


Feature Films:

Studio in Toronto checking COVID procedures before heading on set.


After talking with people from the film industry — cinematographers, screenwriters, etc. — there was a consensus of a generally negative impact created by the virus. Other than professionals, training for film students had to be moved to Zoom. With the “at-home” version of learning, many crucial hands-on experiences taught by instructors will be hard to communicate through to students. Industry workers suffered along with students. One cinematographer who was excited to shoot his first feature film this year was devastated to be informed of the cancellation of the film. Other producers, of Netflix shows and blockbuster films alike, had years of planning be pushed down the drain. 



At Home Entertainment:

TV displays the classic red Netflix logo 





With movie theatres shut down, the cheaper alternative of at-home entertainment has not only avoided suffering but been booming at its peak. Many students and adults alike are trapped quarantining, in many occasions, alone. Even with friends and family, the lack of ability to leave the house makes it hard to find activities to do. One’s usual turn to is the endless stream of content on the web from free sites like YouTube or paid ones like Netflix. Some individuals I’ve talked to even claimed to have been on such sites for more than 30 hours a week. 



Due to the new stream on traffic in at-home entertainment, many smaller, non-corporate individuals have been gaining the record-breaking amount of attention as well. An example of such is a gaming YouTuber by the name of “Dream.” In January this year, he just received his YouTube Gold Play Button by breaking the 1 million subscriber count after 6 years. However, by September, his channel has added another digit to the end of the subscriber count, receiving his Diamond Play Button. Other channels like Mr Beast also gained almost half of their subscribers in 2020 alone. 











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